Key ring 3D printed for NFC tag logo 25 mm round


The key ring can be used in various applications and is completely customizable and configurable. This product includes the 3D printed badge and the logo NFC tag 213 with the whatt.io logo. Any request for other materials, colors and custom logo and color, please contact us directly for a quote. The metal ring is not included in the price.

These are develop for whatt.io specifically with FDM/FFF and 3D printing in mind. All production is made in Los Angeles for the 3D printed part of the key ring and produced on demand and in 100% recycled materials (as default)

Choose the amount of tags you need in the options menu, discounts are higher per tag based on the volume. For more than 1 000 tags please contact us directly for a quotation (or any modifications like a company logo etc)

For all 3D production files please visit the Digital Product Passport on whatt.io for the key ring here: Key ring 3D production DPP

Protocol ISO14443, ISO 14443A
Frequency 13.56Mhz, 13.56MHz
Memory 144 bytes