Welcome to the Shop: Serving North America from Los Angeles

Discover innovation and quality at the Shop, specifically catering to the North American market from our Los Angeles base. Our diverse range meets the varied needs of both professionals and enthusiasts across the continent.

Exceptional 3D filaments for FDM
Dive into our selection of premium 3D filaments, each renowned for superior performance and sustainability. These materials are perfect for transforming creative ideas into high-quality, tangible 3D printed products and it works with standard FDM printers using 1.75 mm diameter.

Next-Generation NFC Tags
Step into the future with our advanced NFC Tags based on the ISO1443A and compatible with the platform and 1.6 Billion smartphones. Essential for secure and innovative product management, these tags open doors to enhanced product communication and digital interaction, with the platform. demo kits: Your Gateway to Advanced Product Management
Our Kits provide a comprehensive experience. Blending user-friendliness with sophisticated technology, they are ideal for anyone exploring the potential of modern product management tools. More demo products and more advanced Arduino microcontroller products ( API)  for NFC and QR codes will be available soon.

Join us in forging a smarter, more sustainable future.