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Discover our exclusive selection of top-tier 3D filaments, each piece a testament to Swedish engineering excellence, now stocked locally in the U.S. for rapid delivery. Our materials are not just high-quality; they are industrially robust, designed for precision and performance to meet the demands of various industries. Ideal for end-user applications, they offer a perfect solution for replacement parts, seamlessly integrating with the digital spare part solution of

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Quality Meets Swift U.S. Delivery

Your Trusted American Source for AddNorth (high quality industrial applications) and Lostboyslab 3D Filaments (recycled sustainable filaments).

Sustainability as a Priority

Embrace sustainability with our range of products made from recycled materials, combining environmental responsibility with excellence. Certified NFC Tags

Explore our selection of certified and compatible NFC tags, guaranteeing seamless integration and optimal functionality for your applications.

Convenient Access

Benefit from direct shipping in the US and discover the potential of our products with our user-friendly demo/starter kits, thoroughly tested for quality assurance.

Choose for unparalleled quality and innovation in 3D printing.

Ideal for 3D print farms, makers, and product developers, our materials and NFC tags are the keys to digital integration and manufacturing excellence. We offer Swedish-engineered precision, U.S.-based fast delivery, and solutions that support your journey from concept to creation, ensuring your projects stand out in the industry. Contact us

Innovation in Smart Products: High-Quality 3D Filament and NFC Tags

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Engagement

Combine our advanced 3D filaments with NFC technology to create products that don’t just meet market standards but redefine them. This integration is crucial for businesses aiming to lead in the era of smart, connected products.

Empowering Connectivity with NFC

NFC tags are the gateway to digital interactivity. Embed them into your products to unlock the full potential of Digital Product Passports, facilitating unprecedented customer engagement and streamlined product management.

Revolutionizing Product Development

Our high-quality 3D filaments for FDM are more than just materials; they are the building blocks for next-gen smart products. Perfect for prototyping and production, they enable you to create items that are not only physically robust but digitally ready.

Digital Spare Part Solutions with Digital Product Passports (DPP) goes beyond supplying NFC tags and 3D printing materials. Our cloud-based platform, enables Digital Product Passports (DPP) for revolutionizing product lifecycle management.

This innovation empowers brand and product owners with instant access to the right 3D content and parts. 3D print farms and micro factories, utilizing our platform, efficiently produce these parts locally on demand. This streamlined approach enhances sustainability and precision in manufacturing.

Explore the impact of’s DPP and digital spare parts solution on our main site – leading the shift in modern manufacturing and management.

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