3D Filament ADDNITE P15R 1.75mm

ADDNITE P15R is the first 3D filament in the ADDNITE series of 3D material. Developed and manufactured in Sweden by 3D printing and material experts it is made for end-user parts with its matte and dark finish supporting 1.75 mm diameter. The rPETg is sourced in Europe and comes from Zeewolde (Netherlands) originating from traceable industrial waste and distribution waste of trays which are used for sterilization of medical instruments-The EPDM rubber component originates from recycled rubber-based material waste from Roxtec. The Swedish Roxtec Group is a world-leading supplier of module-based cable and pipe penetrations

The Lostboyslab ADDNITE series of materials are made to work in end-user applications 3D printed on regular FFF and FDM printers supporting 1.75 mm diameter (2.85 on request)

It’s easy to print with, and durable with excellent print and surface quality. ADDNITE is sold exclusively by lostboyslab and exhibits excellent adhesion to the printing bed, ease of printing, and superior layer adhesion. It can be printed with standard settings for PETG.

Our ADDNITE P15R is 100% recycled material, where 85% is rPETG and 15% EPDM rubber. This material has been tested by the lostboyslab and is used in full production in our 3D print farm.

Both rPETG and EPDM are compounded together in Sweden by Ecorub. Our sustainable and recycled filament prints with accuracy and consistency on all setups, exhibiting flawless surface finish and print quality to produce highly visual and durable finished products. Can be printed with regular PETG settings

Color: Matte black
Size: 1.75 diameter. Material Weight: 750 gram and 2300 gram spools

For 2.85 mm diameter for this filament please contact us for a quote, only available on special requests and in larger quantities

Mechanical properties (All parts were 3D printed with 100% infill)

Tensile Modulus 1650 Mpa ISO 527
Tensile Strength 32 Mpa ISO 527
Tensile strain at break 7,6 % ISO 527
Glass transition temperature 76 °C ISO 1135

These settings are a good steer for printing with this material across a variety of devices. Please be aware that optimum settings may vary between printers.

The use of standard PETG settings works fine, here are some more details..

Nozzle Temperature 235 C degrees +/- 10C

Bed Temperature 85-90 C degrees

Fan Speed, Disable fan for the first 3 layers and then run 30-50%

Retraction Speed 35-45 mm/s

Retraction Distance 1 mm