3D Filament rPETG matte NCS Misty Grey


At last, a recycled PETG that is matte! Misty Grey NCS S 5502-Y is developed and manufactured in Sweden by 3D printing and material experts. It is made for end-user parts striving for a stunning matte finish and durable result. The rPETG has a UV, heat, and chemical resistance that makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Made to work on regular FFF and FDM printers supporting 1.75mm (2.85 on request). The material is made of recycled PETG. The 3D Filament is 91% recycled and delivered on a recycled spool.

The Lostboyslab rPETg comes in two collections, Atmos and Nature, beautiful colors that are matched to the Natural Color System NCS.  All are made in Sweden in collaboration with Addnorth

It’s easy to print with, durable with excellent print and surface quality.  This rPETG is sold exclusively by lostboyslab and exhibits excellent adhesion to the printing bed, ease of printing, and superior layer adhesion. It can be printed with standard settings for PETG.