Addbor N25 Anthracite


- High-Tech polymer composite for radiation shielding applications
- Create neutron absorbing components in complex shapes
- Can be used safely at temperatures above 100C

Addbor N25 is a new high-technology polymer composite for radiation shielding applications. It’s a product from the collaboration between add:north and the Uppsala based company Additive Composite ( with focus on commercialized developments of new composites and additive manufacturing technology.

Using Addbor N25 you will be able to create neutron absorbing components in complex shapes, suitable for your applications. These components can substitute the use of toxic heavy metals such as cadmium where legislations prohibit their use. The material can be used safely at temperatures above 100C.

The material is compounded with 25 % wt boron carbide that has a natural isotopic composition. The base polymer for the Addbor N25 is a co-polyamide with high printability, low shrinkage and extreme toughness. The polymer itself is excellent for high-strength, functional 3D-printed parts. It has superior strength and physical attributes when compared to consumer-grade materials, which makes it the preferred choice for many industrial application. As boron carbide is very hard and abrasive, we recommend printing only with hard nozzles such as the Olsson Ruby. Other nozzles may wear quickly, and print quality is likely to degrade. We recommend a minimum nozzle diameter of 0.4 mm. The very low shrinkage rates of the co-polyamide allows for printing with very tight tolerances and accuracy. The excellent layer bonding, medium flexibility and good chemical and heat resistance makes it a very useful material for demanding applications.

The material supplied is a composite of boron carbide and polymer. The material and/or components may be considered useful for several high technology applications. Some materials in this product have been imported. The material is therefore considered as subject to both any current European export control regulations and to USA re-export conditions and regulations. The material is sold on the basis that the purchaser acknowledges these conditions and will not re-export the material or products in contravention of these current regulations.