NFC tag on support 21x10 mm for vertical integration FDM 3D printing


NFC tags for vertical integration during 3D printing. They are develop for whatt.io specifically with FDM/FFF and 3D printing and with bed temperatures up to 90 degrees. Works on Prusa, Markforged etc with PLA, PETG, Onyx etc. The support is 3D printed separately and the 3D production files are free to use with whatt.io subscriptions.

The 21x10 mm rectangular NFC tag 213 (RFID) is aimed for embedding inside a part, a hollow slot of 22.6x13x1.6 mm and a pause in the G code will allow adding the chip during printing. The NFC tag is provided with a back support, normally made out of the same materials as it will be embedded in. The back support can be manufactured separately, all 3D production files are available in the link below, then only purchase tags 21x10 Ntag 213 instead.

Distance from active reader like a phone is 30-60mm and the tag should be 3-5 mm from the surface in the plastic part manufactured.

Choose the amount of tags you need in the options menu, discounts are higher per tag based on the volume. For more than 10 000 tags please contact us directly for a quotation.

The sticker is waterproof and as it is intended for embedding in other parts very durable against rough conditions.


Protocol ISO14443, ISO 14443A
Frequency 13.56Mhz, 13.56MHz
Memory 144 bytes