Inventory tag for whatt.io 28x89 mm QR code labels and NFC


These 3D printed inventory tags are suitable as product identifiers using whatt.io and easy to use for adding a DPP on furniture, equipment, machines, parts or other components. The tags are made to fit standard labels from DYMO 29x89 mm in size. Printing a QR code with the whatt.io solution is fast and easy to enable a link between the product and its product data. As seen on the product images an addition to the QR code is the ability also top add an NFC tag. Both options can be combined for easy identification of the product and inventory.,

All tags are produced locally in Los Angeles and on demand and using recycled biomaterials like PLA with bio fibers. The labels and NFC tag on the pictures are for illustration purpose only and is not included. They have to be ordered separately. All 3D production files are available for free in the whatt.io Digital product Passport. The tags can be ordered in other materials and colors, as well as modified for other size.

3D production files and more here