NFC Tag slot 20x20x0.6 mmm with NFC213-18 mm


A 3D printed mini slot that supports the NFC tag to be added into a hollow section of your 3D printed product. It can be added after the print is ready or even using a pause in the slicer software added during printing. The 3D printed slot gives the extra support the NFC PVC based sticker needs to be firmly inserted. Makes it easier to slot in after printing. The slot is 3D printed locally in Los Angeles with 100% recycled materials. The 18 mm NFC Tag 213 is included in the slot, ready to be programmed with the whatt.io tools, incendo or any other NFC tool. For larger volumes please contact us. 

This 3D production file also exist in whatt.io as free to produce.

The hollow section in the main body should be around 22x22x1 mm (depending on material)