NFC tag square 20x20 mm PVC water proof vertical embed FDM/FFF

NFC tags in PVC covers that are made for vertical integration during 3D printing. They are developed for Lostboyslab and whatt.io specifically with FDM/FFF and 3D printing and with bed temperatures up to 90 degrees. Works on Prusa, Markforged etc with PLA, PETG, Onyx etc.

The 20x20 mm square NFC tag 213 (RFID) is aimed for embedding inside a part, a vertical slot of 20x20x1 mm and a pause in the G code will allow adding the chip during printing. Compatible with whatt.io product lifecycle solution and enables you to add the chip after production, on packaging or on products where integration is not possible.

Distance from an active reader like a mobile phone is 10-40mm and the tag should be 3-5 mm from the surface of the plastic part manufactured.

The PVC tag square is waterproof and can be washed more than 50 times in a washing machine

Protocol ISO14443, ISO 14443A
Frequency 13.56Mhz, 13.56MHz
Memory 144 bytes