NFC tag stickers 25 mm with whatt.io logo


These NFC tags are develop for Lostboyslab specifically with FDM/FFF and 3D printing with bed temperatures up to 90 degrees. Works on Prusa, Markforged etc with PLA, PETG, Onyx etc.

The 25 mm diameter sticker with NFC tag 213 (RFID) for external use with a whatt.io logo. Compatible with whatt.io product lifecycle solution and enables you to add the chip after production, on packaging or on products where integration is not possible.
Choose the amount of tags you need in the options menu, discounts are higher per tag based on the volume. For more than 10 000 tags please contact us directly for a quotation.

We can also offer Custom logo and colors, please contact us for more information.

Protocol ISO14443, ISO 14443A
Frequency 13.56Mhz, 13.56MHz
Memory 144 bytes