QR code badge 3D printed in two colors


A QR code badge created in Autodesk Fusion with the whatt.io QR code export vector function for generating the 3D production model. The work of generating a MODEL based DPP QR code is included in the price.

Choose between black & White or White & Black. Other materials can be requested. Sizes can be customized but there are a smallest limit due to the production in 3D printers and the visibility needed for a camera rto scan the code properly.

These are develop for whatt.io specifically with FDM/FFF and 3D printing in mind. All production is made in Los Angeles for the 3D printed part of the key ring and produced on demand and in 100% recycled materials (as default)

Start cost only one time fee for each NEW Qr code that need to be 3D generated.

For larger quantities than 25 pcs please request a quote

For all 3D production files please visit the Digital Product Passport on whatt.io for the key ring here: QR code badge w whatt.io and 3D production files