whatt.io INCENDO ONE Black edition micro controller NFC programmer


The whatt.io INCENDO is a micro controller based on Arduino R2 wifi. It's sole purpose is to program NFC tags in an industrial and automated way. 

The incendo BLACK edition is mainly intended for programming NFC tags with DPP level in MODEL and BATCH mode and can work in environments where automation and mass programming of tags in products are needed.

The source code is open for the device and will be offered to owners in our GitHub team. 

This product is ready to use out of the box and can be used with or even without connection to the whatt.io API. As the code is open new functionality can be added that will require wifi and the API connection, it will then require a whatt.io subscription with the API Addon active.

It is setup to program NFC tags type 2 with minimum 144 bytes of memory and supporting ISO14443A. All NFC tags that is used with whatt.io and sold on this shop are compatible with incendo.

The incendo ONE white edition will write and program the NFC tags according to DPP level UNIQUE ITEM and it will create a product URL based on serial nr in the NFC and a secret Token (US Patent) that both will be programmed to the NFC chips memory. That device always requires wifi and API to be setup. From a hardware standpoint these devices are equal, just delivered with different C++ software.

This device is also available as kits and all designs are free to use with our Arduino shield and the Arduino R2 Wifi controller. It is possible to purchase the electronics only and produce the 3D printed casing in your own 3D printer. We also encourage to modify any of the designs and models made for the incendo as this is intended as a open maker platform for custom and industrial use. 

Link to the Digital Product Passport with 3D production parts