whatt.io INCENDO ONE complete electronics KIT


This KIT includes all the electronics for the incendo device, no casing of any kind is included and need to be manufactured separately and can be downloaded  free of charge .

Included in this KIT:

  • incendo shield, Soldered and tested with all components installed (TFT etc)
  • Arduino UNO R2 WiFi attached and tested with latest C++ code installed
  • 110 Volt power Supply for US powering the Arduino and incendo
  • All screws needed for assembly into the 3D printed cabinet
  • PN532 NFC read-write module
  • USB cable for re-programming

The whatt.io INCENDO is a micro controller based on Arduino R2 wifi. It's sole purpose is to program NFC tags in an industrial and automated way.  This KIT includes everything except the casing. All casing parts incl the panel are availible as free 3D production files, this KIT is made for MAKERS and Engineers that want to make the chassi in their own material or even create a new chassi for the incendo.

The source code is open for the device and will be offered to owners in our GitHub team. This KIT can use any of the C++ code available for WHITE or BLACK edition.

This product is ready to use out of the box and writes high volumes of NFC tags in an automated without human interaction or any buttons to be pressed. It have a procedure for reading the NFC tag serial number and through the API both the unique product url is generated in the cloud as well as the token (US Patent) The white edition requires a whatt.io subscription with the API Addon active.

It is setup to program NFC tags type 2 with minimum 144 bytes of memory and supporting ISO14443A. All NFC tags that is used with whatt.io and sold on this shop are compatible with incendo.

More details in the DPP for this product here: PROD0671 Shield PCB incendo ONE