whatt.io NFC programming tool - APP for Google Android


Our APP for Google Android is free of charge and you find the download below in the link. It can be used with whatt.io back office with all subscription levels from free to Diamond level. It will allow you to login with your whatt.io credentials and then swap between your teams and then program NFC tags type 2 with minimum 144 bytes of memory and supporting ISO14443A.

The whatt.io APP uses the cloud API but does not require an API license in the whatt.io cloud to work. This is a big difference to our industrial programming devices based on micro controllers like incendo that is developed to mass program DPP in an industrial environment.

The whatt.io App programs the NFC tags according to DPP level UNIQUE ITEM and it will create a product URL based on serial nr in the NFC and a secret Token (US Patent) that both will be programmed to the NFC chips memory.

You can download the whatt.io App for free here:

App download for Google Android